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June 24, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* some folks at VICE News went to Paws Inc. to interview Jim Davis on the 40th anniversary of Garfield. Garfield is a ubiquitous presence in the minds of al to of cartoonists under 40, adheres to its gag-strip strengths in much the same way the longest-running sitcoms do, and owns a specific trade format. That's not a bad list of interesting things about a strip starting a fifth decade.

* not comics: I still find it weird that the content of TV shows has become news of a sort. I think I would have been thrilled by the prospect of this a long time ago, and that it barely registers for me now. I'm not sure why. I think there are implications for comics here, mostly in that the content of most comics' narratives is beside the point now.

* good luck to Albert Ching with his post-CBR gig. Congratulations to him on a job well-done.

* Alex Thomas talks to Tim Bird.

* here's a report from a Liza Donnelly panel at Inspirefest. Donelly is very, very good on her feet in that kind of setting.

* finally: not sure why I bookmarked this Scott Gilbert comic, but I enjoyed re-reading it when I discovered it on a recent clean-up day.
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