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June 26, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* John Seven on 5000 KM Per Second. David Press with some initial thoughts on the staggering achievement of the Showa series.

* not comics: here's some advice for PR people out there on a proper response when someone asks to be taken off a mailing list where you're bombarding them with material that doesn't fit their coverage profile in any way: there isn't one. Don't respond at all. Just remove the name from the mailing list. Certainly don't respond with an angry explanation of how you thought this was justified. Nobody cares except in that you are now wasting more of their time. You are totally wrong not to do a cursory, professional exploration of the sites whose time you're wasting with your press releases. We in the press tend to understand how hard your job is, and wish you well -- we just wish you well in a way where we're not doing your work for you, even if it's only 20 seconds of it.

* also: get out of my yard.

* Chase Magnett discusses comics-makers that make racist comics, and how we view them. Not changing your opinion on older works is probably the easiest construction to face here; more problematic is engaging with things of value in a racist, bigoted and maybe even just plain awful work, and perhaps even more problematic is the career summary, like a Hall Of Fame nomination. None of it is easy.

* don't really know what's going on here but I don't promote people on the site. I wish we could dump that particular reductive, consumerist phrasing as to how media coverage works. I will continue to write about all sorts of people that I in some cases and other people in other cases believe have done awful things or have been shown to believe something repellent or shit-stupid. My guess is that if all the information were on the table, this would be the case in over 98 percent of the things and people I cover. It's just not something that registers for me in doing that part of my job. You get covered because you're newsworthy, not because you're worthy.

* not comics: this is awful.

* finally, Gordon Jackson seeks to explain the current presidential election through the use of pop-culture items. Sounds good to me.
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