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June 27, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Edward Bolman interviewed. It's nine years old, but I didn't know any such interview existed.

* veteran comics industry commentator Gary Tyrrell deliberates over the impact that Trump-driven fighting over general trade issues might have an effect on comics published with Chinese printers.

* Scott Cederlund on Dead Dead Demon’s DeDeDeDe Destruction Vol. 1.

* here's some bundled news that can't wait until next week and the possible holiday making people less likely to see it: LOAC is going to do a Lost Art style book featuring the work of the late, great Alex Toth. I initially called him Alex Roth because I'm an idiot and my new iMAC defaults to a tiny type. My apologies to fans of the master.

* not comics: this is actually a pretty fair match in terms of how annoying the actor and the character are in their respective worlds.

* finally: David Press reads Chris Claremont's papers.
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