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June 29, 2009

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* there are two stellar posts over at Comics Comics right now. The first is a terrifying Star Chamber of Smart Comics People (Dan Nadel, Frank Santoro, Lauren Weinstein and CF) all interviewing Yuichi Yokoyama. The second is another compelling Frank Santoro essay on 1980s comics, this time on coloring techniques employed by Pacific Comics.

image* the cartoonist Colleen Coover liked the new Darwyn Cooke graphic novel The Hunter so much she not only posted so but created a piece of art to go with it. Speaking of which, if you draw you should think about entering the Draw Parker contest.

* the writer, historian and critic Jeet Heer discusses the use of nostalgia as a critique of the present. I always thought there was an element of this in the way many people are nostalgic in comic books, although what comes to mind first is the way classic rock was extolled in the 1970s into the 1980s. If you listened to classic rock stations of that era, their overriding message was that you had missed out on the good stuff, that everything coming out at that moment was a pale imitation of some Stones/Beatles/Hendrix/Doors golden age. The application of this argument didn't hold up to a lot of scrutiny, and I don't think the argument does, either, but it was a pretty powerful argument because it was based in the listener's dissatisfaction with the here and now -- a here and now with a limited interface when it came to experiencing what was really out there.

* not comics: I guess Andromeda's all right and everything, but they're no Mayhem.

* missed it: a short essay on when a graphic novel is just a comic.

image* there's not much in the way of remaining comics-related reactions to the passing last week of pop singer Michael Jackson. The biggest news is that editorial cartoonists did go after the haunting, horrifying legacy of the singer's relationships with various strangers' children. I would have bet $100 that aspect of Jackson's life would have been passed over by all but one or two people, maybe. Cagle's round-up of editorial cartoons on Jackson is here. A few folks keep finding Michael Jackson-related comic book references, like the one that's up here (found by Gil Roth). My initial round-up of links is here.

* here's zombie Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser.

* finally, the journalist Bob Andelman did a series of well-selected, comics-related interviews last week. I had a bad experience once with an embedded media player provided by Bob and his twitter feed is currently on the fritz, so you might approach the following with some caution, but the content should be of a high quality. His interviews were: Gary Groth and Kim Thompson, Paul Fitzgerald, Brendan Burford, Jonathan Rosenberg and Denis Kitchen. Not a stinker in the bunch.
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