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June 28, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* not a lot of substance in this article asking after sustained sales woe facing the X-Men franchise -- the one-time, long-time king of comic book land. It's mostly impressive for how much advertising they stuff in there. It's still a question worth asking, though, and the basics are covered in fine, straight-ahead prose. I thought Marvel was onto something with the Brubaker/Fraction mutant city stuff, and the original X-Men team being stuck into the modern one was at least something I hadn't seen before although the resulting plot lines seemed to disappoint. It's definitely a comic line whose one-time sales and place at the center of superhero culture keeps it from the fuck-it reset that might get people talking again. The wedding stuff from this summer seemed like something from an Eight Is Enough reunion special. I'd reboot the concept around Team America.

* I think I'm going to see this tonight. Carol Tyler is one of our greatest cartoonists.

* the AAEC speaks out in solidarity with the victims and survivors at the Capital Gazette. The idea we're going to live in a world moving forward when obsessive, stunted humans end others' lives spurred on by political opportunists is depressing in the extreme.

* finally: the late Harlan Ellison and the very much still-alive Trina Robbins, 63 years ago.
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