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June 30, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* this editorial by Gary Varvel is full of practical wisdom about the recent plight of editorial cartoon step-backs, plus it name drops my old boss Harold Trulock in the first paragraph. Mr. Trulock was the kindest man with the best eyebrows and gave my favorite retirement speech ever: "I was too easy on you sons of bitches."

* as for the issue in general, what with Michael De Adder and The Nib joining the taking-a-sock-in-the-eye club, there's a billion things I can say on this subject but the first one is I've never learned of anyone saving a cultural object or something of similar value by eliminating what's unique about it. I don't think it's going to work in any of the recent cases, either. I also worry that everyone is aware of this already. Here's the latest de Adder stuff, looks like it's one of the nebulous thing that no one can say for 100 percent certainty it cause. Sure doesn't sound like De Adder had a lot of support in general. Again, let me suggest that a struggling enterprise like print journalism and print-model journalism on-line needs things that challenge, needs things that make it unique

* I have picked comic books over both children and a meaningful career. Where's my editorial?

* not comics: this CD design by Pat Moriarity sure is lovely.

* too bad a client took a pass on this cartoon in a public way, which I think a much less interesting and strident, performance-like act than firing someone -- no is hired anymore, so they can't get fired. I think people are rarely honest they'd be okay with certain strongly-constructed cartoon if their person was getting that criticism, but in this case it's hard for me at least to see that there's anything out of bounds. Strong, though.

* here's a piece on the big Hamilton museum comics exhibit for which Joe Ollmann served as co-curator. Sounds like a great survey of works. The notion of a museum exhibit playing a major role in the question of a medium's legitimacy is a very previous-generation one, when you think about it. I think comics is the best art form by several measurable, and I prefer to engage with more of that art form than any other.

* finally: a longish interview with the late Kim Thompson just popped up at one of the video sites. Still hard to believe he's not at the office somewhere, working.
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