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July 1, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Ingrid Bohnenkamp talks to John Jennings. Benyamin Cohen profiles Maria Kalman. What's wrong with just being a quirky cartoonist?

* I thought this conversation between Ed Brubaker and Megan Abbott to be quite interesting, particularly as it talks about the impact working in television had had on each author's writing. Because Brubaker's most recent comics work for bookstore sale has a comics convention as its setting, there's even more about that phenomenon, how the equivalents for prose genre authors compare, and Brubaker's own fly-on-the wall experiences as a San Diego youth. This is a fine morning coffee break read. Do people still do that?

* here's a tribute to the Vertigo imprint by Tripwire, one of the publications made possible by its existence.

* finally, a significant bit of not comics: Sandman to Netflix. I thought Neil Gaiman did a nice job with that Good Omens show, so I hope he's involved or at least approves of the team involved. I would wonder after the material a bit given how much has copied it in lesser shows, at least in terms of tone. But hey, a lot of people cherish that work, so I hope it's a thrill for them. DC does a good job identifying and selling comics brought to the fore by other media. There would be a comics impact.
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