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July 2, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Ingrid Bohnenkamp talks to Karen Berger.

* here's Paul Levitz with his own take on Vertigo's passing, an imprint that for him was one of the publishing career-makers on his comics resume so an opinion doubly worth knowing. I like that he's skeptical of some of the innovations in publishing fully granted that line, although I also think Love and Rockets should be in there with building the standard model: what L&R contributed is a clearly enhanced delivery system for the material in terms of its visual sophistication and thus the effort to reach a new market not just in page count and spine. In addition, when Levitz looks at the job of a brand to drive readers to new, related material, I think there's also something to be said to providing a different, more flattering context for the instigating work. I also think that in terms of the Gaiman part of the line not enough people point out the simple sales success of the Sandman serial comic in relation to an overall line -- hell, industry -- that is historically superhero-soaked. Anyway, go read that article; it's way more interesting than my half-formed thoughts from the cheap seats.

* Brian Fies on PBS Newshour tonight.

* everything I hear about this company sounds awful, and I can't help but imagine how $10M could be spent in comics that wasn't looking to make a cross-media buck and was satisfied with the returns of traditional publishing. I know I'm dreaming. It's also a pretty amazing article in that it encompasses that frank and succinct an appraisal of a previous investment failure.

* Steve Foxe on This Was Our Pact.

* finally: this will be a very fun dinner for someone.
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