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July 9, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* RL Stine and Tim Allen is as eclectic a pairing of text-piece accompaniments as I've ever seen for a single comics work.

* hey, the Spirit Of Retailing nominees are out. I really like that the program exists, even though it's a long stretch at the Eisners and I can't help making those jokes. I like that there's an element of improving the stores in a deep systemic way by making them go through the process. I think I've been to the Burbank store but there are stores in Burbank that more directly meet my comics-while-visiting-family needs. The one from Juneau I think does that cool-sounding mini-con up there.

* Mike Peterson looks at recent Trump-related editorial cartoons and suggests maybe the field should dig in rather than endorse the notion of its own decline.

* finally, some not comics: they are certainly smartly rolling out the drips and drabs of new footage from that not-great Justice League film from a couple of years back, effective in making a certain kind of fan desire to see more. For me, though, it just means add-ons that look like more horrible stuff from a film of mostly horrible stuff. More isn't necessarily better, and I suspect that there's some weird specific-cultural stuff in venerating a hoped-for version of a film about the Super Friends that's super-macho and unpleasant.
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