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July 10, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Robert Kirby on Motel Universe. Fred McNamara on Visiting. Paul O'Brien on Wolverine: Infinity Watch.

* it took me a few days to get here, but I have talked to a handful of DM retailers in casual (and I'm going to make it non-attributive) fashion about losing the Walking Dead comic just as places where people go to buy that series, as an element of the various things their stores offered. What I heard was that while the book wasn't a sensation best-seller as it had been, it still was a noteworthy book for all but one of the folks to whom I spoke, and losing a solid book without a natural replacement -- "you really need to start reading XYZ now" -- is never a welcome thing, especially in an industry with traditionally thin sales margins. That makes sense in that hit books are easier to stock than multiple books that reach the same sales numbers.

* happy 12th to Todd Klein's blog.

* I don't know if this is Tucker Stone from TCJ or not, but I pulled this out because I think that what the political cartooning controversies of late say about national character has been way more interesting than an historical point about a fading profession.

* finally, assembled extra: David Harper is relaunching his SKETCHD site, and is offering up subscription plans.
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