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July 14, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* AJ McGuire on Dry County. Mike McCann on Mary Shelley: Monster Hunter #3.

* best wishes to Kate Lacour and family.

* editorial cartoonist Greg Perry pulls himself from consideration as the replacement for Michael De Adder at Brunswick News. I think a lot of people would have departed that situation just because it sound like a pain in the ass and some promises weren't kept.

* count Gary Tyrrell among those that works their way through the daily CCI schedule and pulls out some of them for your consideration. Here's Thursday and Friday.

* longtime retailer and porto-blogger Mike Sterling weighs in on MAD's change in publishing status.

* SPX Tumblr continues to add names to this anniversary year at SPX's stupendous-sounding list.

* here's Charles Schulz in 1970 on what makes a good citizen. Sounds like a reasonable answer to me. This was passed along to several sites over this last holiday weekend.

* finally: Scott Edelman talks to Gerry Conway. I've been enjoying these Scott Edelman interviews of his peers.
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