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July 24, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Sean Gaffney on Nisemonogatari: Fake Tale Vol. 1

* this article is interesting. I think DC's doing an okay job right now of creating the best books they can and looking at wide strategies. I disagree with some of their plans and arguments. It's pretty cheeky for DC to suggest they need a new generation of stand-alone works like Watchmen when they spent the last five years being pretty bad stewards of that work as a book of literary value and stand-alone importance. I suspect most of what would make DC a better place isn't strategizing. My hunch is that it's execution and return/reward: execution by making DC a place where every single pro I know doesn't at some point in my first 30 minutes of talking to them tell me what a horrible pain in the ass it is to work at DC, return/reward by providing a way to attract top talent increasingly looking towards creating their own work and controlling their own media rights. I think the deals with Warren Ellis and Gerard Way are more interesting than the bulk that's been discussed here: at least that's a new model.

* finally, RJ Casey talks to Jason Murphy.
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