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July 24, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* not comics: sad to hear that Tuca & Bertie didn't get a second-season order. Letting an algorithm program your shows means we're likely to get replacement with characters voiced by Kevin James and David Spade. Congratulations to Lisa Hanawalt on making art according to her own standards, and I look forward to whatever is next.

image* here's Noah Van Sciver and friends on Will Eisner.

* here's another story about the Loot comic book store in Brooklyn, which I guess has a borrowing model that's leaving some of my comics friend scratching their heads. If I don't think about it too deeply, maybe it will succeed despite these moments of skepticism.

* I don't know if this is publicly accessible, but there's apparently a round-up of retailer reaction about 2019 so far at SKETCHD. So if I'm not informing a bunch of you, I'm reminding a few of you. It does seem to support some anecdotal evidence of mine from the first half of the year that there's some "asses absent from seats" stuff going on, a physical vacating of some shops.

* Mike Barr presents at Bowling Green.

* finally: sure, it's likely that MAD will be brought back and I guess it's always going to be on the table until it happens that this could be sooner rather than later, but I hope no one uses this to slip/slide past the fact that MAD was given a death sentence.
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