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July 25, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Rob Clough on a bunch of comics by Whit Taylor.

* I'm all for articles exploring the issue of fan entitlement, but 1) the recent Leslie Jones thing struck me as something far different and far scarier than creators being told they suck for movie plot points and is dangerous equivalency to make, 2) you're probably not being fully honest if you don't get into the fact that big media properties just aren't about making art and asking for a culture of artistic leeway to be afforded those who are brought in to make art product like that is sort of weird. Maybe we leave Shakespeare alone but can fully expect the choreographer of Shakespeare Ice Capades will get notes.

* a little bit on Alien Fire.

* there were two Washington Post articles I planned to link to but I've reached my monthly limit of backtracking to copy the link's address directly after not getting the article.

* congrats to 2dcloud on hitting their crowd-funding goal.

* Bully focuses on toast, an optimal reaction to the excesses of Comic-Con.

* finally, Evan Narcisse talks to Chadwick Boseman. Paul Gravett profiles Igort.
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