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June 26, 2009

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I've slipped a few more Michael Jackson and cartooning links at the bottom of yesterday's brief post, including this post by Daryl Cagle ending on a pretty choice anecdote.

* speaking of Michael Jackson, Darrin Bell is bracing for an onslaught of this.

image* Paul Pope looks at some old comics art. He has good taste.

* one thing that's good about having wasted your life is that you end up putting two and two together, like the fact that Tom Toles is one of the best editorial cartoonists and he's really interested in transportation issues. His Washington metro train wreck cartoon is as lacerating as you'd expect.

* finally, the writer and editor Joel Meadows has posted the latest Tripwire cover, and will be posting pages in the future, all in the hopes of encouraging US retailers to buy directly for their stores. I'm saddened that Joel and the gang haven't found the audience you think might exist for a glossy semi-annual like Tripwire, but I also know that this latest back-and-forth isn't about a publication being strangled in the crib by new policies as much as it is a publication that's struggling to stay in there. I think there's a big difference both in terms of the anger I bring to the issue but also in that I think we should maybe stop looking at whether or not books make whatever benchmarks and more atwhy the marketplace for certain professional-standard work has shrunk to the point of insignificance.
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