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July 28, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* congratulations to Eleanor and Drew.

image* Shea Hennum on Red Ultramarine. Dan Brown on Wage Slaves.

* Sam Thielman waves goodbye to the retiring Alan Moore. It's difficult for the way our consumerist takes on making art are lined up to wrestle with a cessation of activity, but my guess is Moore will have a shot at making his departure a true one. It should also be fun to track the takes; I think this one will be a popular one: Moore's gifts were formidable an particularly suited to infusing profundity in to junk-genre literature.

* what are comic books and what are graphic novels? This can get weird, but it shouldn't.

* here's a list of graphic novels by musicians.

* George Takei strikes me as a dignified man who knows the not-as-dignified parts of promoting artistic work, so I'm sure he'll be well-suited to a press campaign for his internment story in comics form, They Called Us Enemy.

* finally: Camille Vernet profiles Cole Pauls.
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