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July 29, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* David Harper on House Of X #1.

* industry veteran Larry Shell wrote yesterday worried that he won't make his ask for roof repair aid, with dire consequences. If you're a friend of Larry's, this would be a fortunate moment to step up with some aid.

* not comics: I hate self checkout because people could use those jobs and I shouldn't have to supply a retailer with a discount on payroll taxes because they don't staff their lines in reasonable fashion. I also hate the notion that some sort of thievery is justified for anything less than astonishing reasons.

* photos from the SDCC 15th Anniversary Party for The Beat. I'm not in any of them, don't worry. Great crew, though. Congratulations to Heidi.

* bundled extra: a forthcoming book illustrated by Bran Biggs.

* finally: Matt O'Keefe survey a selection of artists on how writers can be better collaborators.
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