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August 2, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* whoops, I forgot to do a random news yesterday! My apologies.

image* Todd Klein on Wonder Woman #1.

* not comics: it's hard for me to imagine how my brain would be wired differently if I had access to visually organized sites like this one when I was a lad.

* the writer and comics historian Mark Evanier notes an impressive longevity-related accomplishment by Joe Giella.

* it's fun to read anything by Wally Wood, including some of his superhero comic book work from the second half of his career. He's such a foundational artist that everything he did looks like it was some of the first material ever done in the genre.

* comics-conversant author Glen Weldon is speaking at the house named after the comics-conversant writer James Thurber.

* here's a depressing article about assumptions made what I'm sure are friendly people that didn't know they were being hurtful. Just don't assume anything about anyone, especially your fellow geeks.

* how to capitalize on a potentially successful movie with greater sales of a comic book usually just means having the comic fall in the same, rough ballpark as the movie version and then be of at least recognizably decent quality. I'm always amazed how many brand-new, individual DC Comics efforts look like similar comics from up to 20 years ago.

* finally, here's Derf's acceptance speech from the Eisners -- well-received and funny.
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