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August 4, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Kate Stoltzfus talks to Gene Luen Yang.

* I love the non-sexiness of the clinch in the last panel of this page.

* Todd Klein has added three chapter to his 1980s DC Comics history: two, three, four.

* I did not know that cartoonists and comics-makers had a policy about autographs, but I guess there's a good reason, proven over time, for these people to want to protect themselves given the weirdnesses of the collectibles market.

* Nathan Ward show next week.

* I don't know what to think of this interview with Jim Lee and Dan DiDio. There's such a self-serving spin to industry interviews anymore that it seems to me even while reading them that the truth is frequently pushed in this direction or that one. I don't have the contextual mastery to catch what they're doing here; everything is so vague. My one takeaway is that Vertigo sounds super-depressing when that pair describes it.

* not comics: Batton Lash reviews the TV show version of Preacher.

* I think I may like random Darryl Cunningham panels almost as much as reading them in sequence.

* yuck.

* not comics: that's one hell of a great-looking theater program.

* finally, here's a basic, best-practices article about stocking a graphic novels section in your bookstore. These articles are fun to read because they allow newbies to figure out some stuff and grizzled veterans to see what kind of information is assumed.
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