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August 4, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* go, read: here's a nice piece on the Milwaukee Journal's green sheets.

* the Jai Nitz harassment story receives significant regional news attention. Nitz is gone from comics now, in a way that rhetoric might suggest will be forever. There is a strong point made that even when this is true, it doesn't mean those who were harassed get to make that kind forceful, strong withdrawal from the pain of the incident in question.

* not comics: for those helping bring to life a billion dollar movie, Avengers Endgame creatives sure can't let go being second-guessed by fans about the idea that maybe Hulk was scared of supreme bad guy Thanos from the previous movie's butt-kicking. I just like the focused attention there and the repeated hitting on that point, as if that other reading was abominably and unforgivably stupid.

* finally: Robert Boyd on I, René Tardi, Prisoner Of War In Stalag IIB Volume Two: My Return Home.
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