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August 7, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Dan Clowes draws Don Delillo.

image* Dayna Evans talks to Lisa Hanawalt.

* not comics: just in case some of you were thinking it was coming out this Fall. When it comes out, I can write about my set visit with other comics-industry journalists, and the career of TCJ's Tim Hodler will be over.

* the Fantagraphics store won a best comic book shop poll at Seattle Weekly. I've never been.

* Sean Edgar captures a split-second in the life of shining beacon of creative light Lynda Barry.

* not comics: our condolences to the cartoonist David Lasky on the passing of his father. The late Mr. Lasky was the subject of his son's comic book, Boom Boom #2, some 23 years ago. Someone please collect Dave's work, already!

* finally, I definitely did not know this.
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