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August 13, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Philippe Leblanc on Repose. Lena Beck on Seattle Walk Report. Mel Schuit on Death Threat. Noah Berlatsky on Strong Female Protagonist.

* here is Susanna Mcleod talking to Terri Libenson in 2008.

* a consumer of Canadian media expresses some exhaustion with Trump-related cartoon coverage. One of the things that may happen as there are fewer opportunities for cartoonists in media more generally is that the pool of talent interested in different approaches might go down a bit.

* bundled extra: All My Friends Are Ghosts announced by BOOM!

* go, read: Steve Ringgenberg on the life and career of the late, very talented and very widely prolific Ernie Colon.

* finally: here's an excerpt of a manuscript with the promising title of The World Vs. Todd McFarlane.
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