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August 7, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Anya Davidson on Brat. Sean Witzke on Bad Weekend. Rich Barrett on Simon & Louise.

* I think it's good that Naji Al-Ali is remembered.

* here's another piece on comic-shop customers abandoning agreed-upon relationships regarding comics held back for subscribers. I never liked that system, I don't think most people extend that kind of courtesy to things they pay for, and I think that's even more frayed a relationship now than it was when I was in a comic shop on every Wednesday. But yeah, don't do this. And maybe we make mental space and take a forgiving stance towards shops that abandon the practice altogether.

* finally: speaking of difficult issues, what it means when an aberrant-acting personality enjoys cartoon work, and if that's an endorsement of anything, or reflective of elements of that work, continues to vex a lot of people. I think ideas are rarely actionable, but I wouldn't leave bed for 30 years if I thought something I created led in any way to widespread violence.
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