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August 10, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Sean Kleefeld on A Drifting Life.

* I've never seen this piece of art by Jaime Hernandez.

* not comics: I'm sure I share the concern felt by the wider comics community as its members learn about the hard times faced by the family of longtime creator and writer about comics Matt Maxwell.

* not comics: the tone-deaf quality and general stupidity of this posturing response by a newspaper advocacy group to a critical but comedic segment of John Oliver's HBO show should discourage anyone that is hoping for newspapers to correct their tailspin for the sake of their being a traditional home for comics. This guy doesn't even engage the substance of the criticisms, and makes it sound like Oliver was randomly making fun of things. The lack of in-depth engagement would terrify me if my paper were giving this organization money.

* not comics: drama. It's tough to be a person in the world.

* that last panel is still the best.

* finally, Ed Piskor draws a scene from Akira.
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