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August 12, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Alex Hoffman on Mother #1. Matt Little on Secret Wars #5. Tom Murphy on a bunch of different comics. RC Harvey on the comics of Otto Soglow. Nate Patrin on Island #1. Katherine Dacey on a bunch of different works of manga. Zainab Akhtar on two from Inio Asano. Garrett Gottschalk on Harvey Kurtzman's Jungle Book. Jessica Lamarre on Bee And Puppycat Vol. 1. Beth Rogers on The Borgias.

* totally forgot that Fantagraphics has put together a Snoopy Vs. Red Baron volume that will come out at roughly the same time as Peanuts movie. I'm not looking forward to the Peanuts, but it'd be fun to read all those comics together under one cover.

* I know that my high school years didn't involve killing my teachers, but one reason that was the case is that I had unfettered license to imagine killing my teachers.

* Dave Richards talks to Brian Bendis. Tobias Carroll talks to Evan Dorkin. Heidi MacDonald talks to David Petersen. Ryan Holmberg profiles Sasaki Maki. Ale Dueben talks to JM DeMatteis and Zeina Abirached.

* I can't tell if this article matches up to its description, but it's fun looking at that Jack Kirby/Chic Stone art.

* not comics: Jog discusses the latest Dragon Ball Z movie.

* finally, I really liked this summer post from Conundrum. I would like for comics to have more dead spots in the calendar.
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