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August 13, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* please help Caitlin McGurk identify artists from some romance comics published by Toby Press.

image* Rob Clough on Let Me Be Frank. Mark Dickson on Zodiac Starforce #1.

* coming soon: a girl and her dinosaur.

* I strongly dislike the entire exercise of repurposing characters and styles in a way that rubs up against the original intent and doesn't even seemingly try to say something new with all of those elements at their service. I'm pretty sure they should have unfettered access to the marketplace, but I don't want any of it in my house.

* this isn't the kind of thing I usually get from foundational blogger Mike Sterling, but I do like his look at a couple of music fanzines with underground cartoonist covers, presented here.

* the man at the crossroads Paul Gravett presents a comics award of prestige and standing, the FNAC-Salamandra International Graphic Novel Prize.

* Chris Eckert points out that the traditional metaphors used to explain the emotional resonance people project onto the X-Men are all very problematic. I always though the X-Men represented nerd self-conception.

* Michael Cavna picks out a few Hillary Clinton hidden e-mail (or whatever the hell that story is) cartoons that he likes. I'm fascinated by these editorial that don't seem aggressively written like a lot of the newer or alternative-type comics, but at the same time they don't have the craft elements, no matter how rigidly imposed, one comes to expect from traditional editorial cartooning.

* in a lengthy, well-illustrated piece, Christian Ward writes about moving from traditional page-making and into digital.

* not comics: the writer Mark Evanier compares Uber and using taxis from a consumer's perspective. That is some old-fashioned blogging going on right there, but it's an issue that does come up a lot at cons and other major comics events.

* James Whitbrook writes in appreciation of the most recent major presentational shift that Marvel did with their Daredevil, moving him from grim and unbelievably dour to happy as an escape from all that darkness. I thought that version of the character was appealing, too.

* finally, Shaenon Garrity writes in brief fashion about Peter Bagge's work with Marvel superhero comics.
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