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August 14, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* check out this amazing one-panel piece by Laura Park.

image* Petra Meyer talks to Chynna Clugston-Flores.

* not comics: this isn't the most focused article, but there's something from which comics may learn in the notion that on-line media is consumed in a way that exacerbates a problem with on-line media: it feels awful to consume too much of it. We're still at the initial gorging stage with on-line media, and as more and more of us push away, even for a moment, the way we re-engage is going to be everything. I talked to a bunch of people this summer who admitted they hadn't downloaded a comic in a while after a sustained period of doing so.

* here's a charity auction to raise money for a scholarship bearing beloved editor Mark Gruenwald's name. I remember when I wrote his obituary for the Comics Journal, Kim Thompson came and read it over my shoulder and talked about how they came up in fandom together and that they both ended up in the best jobs possible for each guy.

* not comics: another thing that will hit comics in a much bigger way over the next ten years is focused marketing.

* hey, Anya Davidson has a store.

* not comics: the audience that does not hold. We'll see if just getting past the PR hurdle of looking like a hit with that first weekend and the solid money that movie will make is enough to avoid a post-Amazing Spider-Man 2 meltdown and reconsideration of direction. I suspect the Wonder Woman and Justice League films are far enough down this path with enough reason to think each may perform well that there will be no second-guessing. The photos here make me laugh because it's hard to tell the movies apart. I don't have quite that problem with Marvel's movies, and those characters have a much tighter provenance.

* that is indeed very cute cosplay.

* finally, Alex Kranz visits original art in New Jersey.
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