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August 14, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Heidi MacDonald (I think) talks to Jon Morris.

* I like to imagine this is three normally-dressed people buying stuff from the cartoonist Keren Katz and the photo just shows us what Keren is seeing.

* that was a long and ugly weekend in domestic politics, with many moments lurching into national disgrace territory. Here was the most brutal exchange between cartoonists. Here is the thread I was sent the most times with a comics-maker involved. Hopefully I remember to come back here and more directly link to the cross-section of mainstream editorial cartoonists on the matter. Okay, I remembered, but there's almost nothing there. Here's Ben Passmore from earlier this year on the movement to rid the South of its confederate statuary. I've been following that story for a while.

* finally, Jason draws Allen Ginsberg.
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