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August 15, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Todd Klein on Black Hammer #1.

* not comics: this story from over the weekend interested me for a couple of reasons. It's probably advanced since the weekend in some way -- a clarification or a statement or just further argument over what happened. The two things that interest me are 1) the idea that fan entitlement drives aberrant behavior on-line that pushes creators away from that kind of engagement and 2) the idea that this isn't what's going on at all, and how that counter-argument is expressed. I think these are gray-area issues in terms of what's happening and why, and that a dozen factor probably play a part in each case, with maybe 50 percent overlap between them. What's clear, though, is that it keeps happening, and our culture is serving up a potent cocktail of "get me the fuck off of this platform" even if it's made up of different ingredients every time out.

* not comics: Calista Brill, author.

* Henry Chamberlain talks to Jennifer Daydreamer. Steve Morris talks to Hope Larson.

* I keep forgetting to put a link up to this original art page Scott Dunbier posted from IDW's future Fantastic Four book. That's going to be come book. Kirby's not just interesting for the end result, but work from that title in that period gets into three distinct art approaches that the King used.

* due to the Post's new limited-article firewall, I will send you to a post about an article running some of Richard Thompson's concept work for the movie Inside Out. Sorry about that.

* finally, Fred Hembeck forever.
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