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August 15, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* there's a nice discussion here between Nick Hanover and Kim O'Connor about the state/nature/reality of present-day criticism written about comics. It links to a more wide-ranging discussion. I always find some insight in discussions like this. I don't have very well-developed critical chops and most of the writing about comics I do is my personal reaction to something I've encountered. I do think of criticism as more useful/not useful than good/bad, but that comes out of my own consumerist impulses.

image* another week, another significant cross-media deal for a comics creator and their ability to bring a company's worth of projects along with them. For me, it's the solidification of where many creators might want to find themselves some day, with a side order that these deals might be easier to make with creator-driven company rather than publishing houses or media companies run by non-creatives.

* not comics: a statement or two by Judd Apatow about the difficulties the American conservative point of view has as a departure point for great art. I see a lot of entertainment out there as essentially conservative with liberal flourish, but it's an interesting idea to consider.

* finally, Drew Friedman celebrates the Kirby Centennial with a limited-edition print.

apologies for the Kirkman photo from the pleistocene epoch; it's the only one I have!
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