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August 16, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Sean Gaffney on Yona Of The Dawn Vol. 1.

* here's an article from a couple of weeks back about the creative struggles enjoyed by the X-Men wing of the Marvel Universe. Those books strike me as fairly unreadable, too. I suspect there ended up being too many plotlines and a lot of fan-service in terms of which ones were adhered to. The overriding narrative eventually collapsed on itself. It's difficult to reboot after 17 reboots. The grafting on of X-Men story elements to the Inhumans characters just made things feel that much more over and done with. Someone will eventually right that ship; there are a lot of strong core elements there via the work of Kirby, Lee, Thomas, Roth, Adams, Claremont, Byrne, Cockrum, Morrison, Quitely, Casey and several others.

* not comics: Derf went to the movie set of My Friend Dahmer and met Derf.

* finally, John R. Parker would like to talk to you about how Chris Samnee is taking inspiration from Alex Toth's comics on his work with the Black Widow character created by Lee, Rico and Heck.
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