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August 17, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Philippe Leblanc profiles books from Peow Studios and Pow Pow Press.

* bundled extra: I guess from reading this that there are some new creative teams on some of the titles coming out in this soft not-a-relaunch. That sees smart, given all the continuity elsewhere. I like the sci-fi paperback quality of that She-Hulk image.

* struck the next day how pretty the art is in this Cathy Malkasian tweet.

* what Dan Clowes remembers loving about late 1970s New York. I was just trying to explain to someone what 1975-1984 felt like in terms of absent civilization, and failing. This comes close.

* not comics: Michael Tisserand's Johnny Cash story is pretty great.

* finally, here is today's big-media company with easy comics comparisons piece. I remember that all sorts of fundamental changes to the system were proposed as Marvel geared up to distribute through Heroes World, and what we got was far from that and still a failure.
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