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August 18, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Steve Foxe remembers X-Statix.

* don't know that I'll return to Jack Davis' death before the end of the year, so here's Mark Evanier's remembrance straight from my bookmarks folder. Also not sure if I've linked to this or not, but I liked Telnaes' convention sketches quite a bit.

* oh, Mr. Sirius.

* Alison Sampson asks help for a retailer in the UK that has been hit hard by the Brexit thing.

* saved.

* Jog talking about Jason Shiga sounds like it might be pretty great.

* not comics: a reminder that bad performance by top media executives doesn't lead to a whole lot of employment trouble... for them.

* finally, Gabriella Tito goes to the Orlando Museum of Art.
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