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August 20, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* it's odd to see a list of traditional genre series representing comics for the late summer consider how many titanic graphic novels there are either right this moment or imminent. I remain struck by how balkanized along very specific aim-and-purpose lines comics remains. I hope those series are all as good as they can possibly be, though, for sure.

* not comics: ICE has re-upped with the company that uses Amazon to facilitate support services, the matter at the heart of recent protests and quite a bit of interest from within the comics community. This will be a story until it isn't.

* "adorable" and "heartwarming" usually aren't the main adjectives in a comics article, but why not? Also, the three of these I've read are adorable and heartwarming.

* this article dives straight into the criticism that Art Spiegelman invokes in taking his essay away from Marvel after being told to change a few words.

* finally: this is a charming story by Andy Marlette.

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