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August 21, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* in case we haven't yet asked you to pay attention to Inks as it roars back to life, here you go. You should submit. Yes, you.

image* Evan Narcisse on Copra.

* not comics: Jog informed me that Carter Scholz has a new prose book out.

* Barbara Hoffman profiles Floyd Norman. Matt O'Keefe talks to Gabriel Hardman and Corrina Beckho.

* a comic breaks down what feminism is in all its multi-faceted in execution glory.

* artist Nate Powell would like to sing a song for you, straight from the fraternity of skinny men playlist.

* not comics: casting stories are dumb, but it's worth noting the way the complaints are constructed: as the invisible hand of diversity of political correctness forcing culture around privileged people to pivot in a direction that's unsettling to them. You'll hear the same speeches driving out to get a bite to eat under a local university's photo-billboard as you do here. The fact that the ones that make the news are about pop-culture nonsense, the currency of the day, shouldn't blind us to how deep that particular lever is plunged into the soil.

* Donna Mae Wold, RIP.

* just based on the event images alone, comics are cooler now.

* finally, Mike McPadden takes a look at comics that engage with some of the subject matter and use some of the style considerations of 1960s underground comix works.
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