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August 21, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the fifth issue of American Bystander, that comics-friendly humor magazine, is nearing the end of its crowd-funding campaign.

image* Irene Velentzas on The Customer Is Always Wrong. Sean Gaffney on Queen Emeraldas Vol. 2.

* someone asked me if I could pull lessons for comics from this article about paying traditionally low-level wage retail jobs at a much higher rater, but I couldn't get past how relatively high to comics the national averages were for two of those types of job in order to figure out how the two industries might compare.

* this article's ability to comment on a comics industry thing should be much more plain.

* there are now some details about DC's latest plunge into the intellectual property aspects of Watchmen for use in serial pulpy superhero punch-ups. DC has probably paid more in terms of higher-end comics professionals taking them off the table as an option than they've benefited from the product they've created. If the plot as some have asserted suggests that Watchmen was the spearpoint of a cynical vanguard that ruined hopeful superhero comics, I'm going to have fun this Fall repeatedly kicking that notion in the dick.

* finally, RC Harvey remembers the late Dick Locher. I haven't read that essay yet, but I'm sure given their ages, interests and long-time regional proximity that's a personal loss for Bob as it has been for so many people.
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