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August 21, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* I quite liked this article at The Beat on the Hugo awards, which apparently use a run-off driven voting process and were also giving awards linked to awards slates from a certain number of years ago. That must be a fun thing for which someone can cast a vote. I have no idea how that would work out in comics. Probably poorly. Also congratulation to the pair of Hugo Awards run by sometimes comics-maker Charles Vess, for his collaboration with the late foundational writer Ursula LeGuin on her Earthsea narratives. The comics award repeated with Monster, but it was apparently very close.

* the DCP crew talks to Johnny O'Bryant.

* cartoons by Carlos Latuff get dragged into one of the stories about congresspeople accused of having opinion that break with some perceived and argued mainstream for political opinion. Any idea of politicians endorsing or promoting cartoon work is usually a precursor to stridency more than anything worth considering.

* finally, Tom Shapira takes a look at Usagi Yojimbo as it moves into its (samurai) rabbit-in-winter stage.
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