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August 22, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Henry Chamberlain on Kramers Ergot 9.

* still pounding through this, if anyone has a late-summer reading lull and wants to join me... And here's your weekly reminder that this list exists.

* the comments under a Robot 6 story about Wizard deciding to disinvite a guns dealer from their Chicago show are about as wholly American as you can imagine. One thing that's interesting is that if you have gun dealers at show it kind of casts all the guns in comics in a different light, a light I'm not sure comics-people who make gun-heavy comics particularly want turned on.

* Richard Thompson remembered in Betty. What a nice man and creative talent that Richard Thompson was.

* not comics: there's a movie about Charlton coming out. I hope they confirm or deny a couple of stories but other than looking at Steve Ditko and Pat Boyette's work there, and maybe those early E-Man comics, I never think about that company much at all. I love companies that don't exist and don't make an impression a little more, though.

* finally, Theo Ellsworth shares a summer image.
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