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August 23, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Robert Clough on the latest from Lynda Barry. Alex Hoffman on Be Good.

* not comics: another potential sports-miss for Marvel's custom art department.

* Michael Cavna contrasts how political cartoonist deal with a similar charge levied at the major presidential candidates.

* don't remember ever seeing this particular Al Columbia image before now. Brrr.

* this article has one of those interesting clashes of nerd-culture that only I care about, and increasingly faintly: the idea that character's status as properties has an effect on how they're treated within the larger narratives these comics have. Yes indeed, a female version of Superman would not automatically be seen as a second-tier character in the world of their existence, even as a derivative.

* MariNaomi is profiled in the latest LA Woman publication.

* David Betancourt profiles Roye Okupe.

* James Whitbrook tracks the nature of a request from FCBD organizers concerning type of comic to submit.

* finally, Danny Hellman has a new print for sale.
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