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August 24, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Sean Gaffney on Attack On Titan Vol. 19.

* French bookstores are suffering from tourism losses due to widely-publicized acts of violent terrorism. Although for most comics readers the idea of going to Paris and having money to drop in a lot of bookstores is some sort of dream-life far away from present reality, I hope no one alters their travel for anything except direct, imminent, certain danger. Derf comments here.

* this is a sort-of fascinating encapsulation of Internet rhetoric in terms of how discussions over the value of art are shifted and folded and manipulated and apologized for and explained rather than than simply argued. Let me suggest it's okay to keep on disliking something when the popular pushback position presents itself. My hunch is you're very likely forming the bulk of your opinions about that thing on its merits because most people don't have the time to build a lattice-work of minor-key misassumptions when they process art and entertainment. Positioning should never matter to you when you react to art. It's okay just to react.

* the great question is asked. The answer is, "Batman was co-created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane."

* Chris Sims pulls out a two-issue run of the ha-ha Justice League comic book series for examination. I remember that comic book in question mostly for how much it profited due to a massive tonal shift from what had come before. That's something you really can't get anymore when the tonal shifts come all the time and are marked by new series numbering.

* not comics: I've been voting to shut down any and all comments that aren't personally vetted since 2000 or so, based on my experiences with TCJ's messageboard when a threshold had been passed so that there were enough goofballs out there willing to spend hours fucking with other people that TCJ attracted its first serious batch. The fact that almost no one writes letters when given that option indicates this was always about performance, not dialogue.

* finally, Nick Hanover talks to James Romberger.
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