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August 25, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Todd Klein on Wonder Woman #2.

* not comics: a modern adaptation of the Madbomb story would have only pleased me, and only if they used the Revolutionary War outfits, which was about .5 percent chance.

* I'm not sure I remembered to post this on the site this week, but this American's experience at a Comiket was super-fascinating. It sounds to me like most people in comics I know might struggle with the "being one tiny element part of a huge show" at something like this. I encourage cartoonists to show their stuff as many places as they can and want.

* hey, look: it's MariNaomi in a magazine.

* Art Spiegelman selects a bunch of solid one-pagers for publication on the New Yorker site. I always enjoy it when Spiegelman curates, even on something like this, mostly because I think his taste is as refined as anyone's in comics. He takes this stuff seriously, thinks about it, and makes choices. That usually means you get a strong list and likely pushback from people that see refinement as restriction.

* finally, Team Trouble With Comics members name their favorite things in comics. That is a late '90s kind of on-line article right there.
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