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August 26, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* holy crap, to be rich: the great Phoebe Gloeckner plans to start selling original art.

image* Sean Kleefeld on The Blacker The Ink. Eryn Carlson on The Hirschfeld Century.

* not comics: one-time comics industry art director Evan Sult now owns the St. Louis magazine on which he's been working the last few years.

* the writer Dan Slott notes that readers on both sides of the current American political spectrum will sometimes dog a creator for not writing according to their political outlook. I'm sure this happens, but that it doesn't happen to everyone all of the time suggests that there's perhaps a certain kind of book or a certain kind of dialogue that triggers that sort of attention.

* Kara Szamborski and Matt Kolowski talk to Skottie Young. David Brothers talks to Josh Williamson. Christian Hoffer talks to David Walker.

* go, look: Teenie Weenies. Here's another beautiful-looking early strip, courtesy of Peter Maresca.

* happy birthday to Molly Rose.

* a comic by Jiro Kuwata heavily influenced by Silver Age Superman comic books? Yes, I think I would like to see that. My apologies to the person that had it where I could see it.

* not comics: I'm not sure that I've ever looked at Miles Davis' visual art.

* finally, Gene Luen Yang offers this up for charity.
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