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August 30, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Sean Kleefeld on Imitation Game. Tara Marie on Morning Glories. Keith Silva on Enough Astronaut Blood To Last The Winter.

* Garry Trudeau does a rare interview -- they are still reasonably rare, despite his doing more of them these days -- with Michael Cavna of Comic Riffs about the subject of his latest book: Donald Trump. Greg Hunter talks to Gilbert Hernandez.

* here's a look at the general publishing trends that come out of analyzing the staggering $100M participants have put into various publishing-related projects. The virtues of neglected work making it into print are discussed.

* go, look: Herriman dailies, via Library Of American Comics.

* if I were in the big-magazine-about-comics business, there's a feature article out there to be written about festivals that aren't comics shows folding in comics elements.

* here's a look at the community politics that sometimes swirls around a canceled mainstream title. A system that relies on pre-orders is going to be rough over the long-term, and in a creative sense already is.

* I wonder how I as a kid would have dealt with these Marvel teasers and the like. I think I would have liked them, but I'm not sure. This one made me laugh, I'm not sure why.

* hey, Glen Baxter.

* finally, this profile of the character Cutthroat stops for a while to kidney-punch Arcade a few times. I heartily approve.
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