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September 2, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* by request extra: Boing Boing reminds that Gahan Wilson still needs help. That fundraiser looks well-supported in terms of people on the ground, so there's every chance that any dollars sent will be well spent.

* here's the story of a cartoonist who met a painter and they fell in love.

* this article suggests cartoonists may be part of the deliberations over independent contractors going on in California, but I can't see it in the actual text. Makes sense, I guess.

* every list of books for Fall through Christmas 2019 looks like a pretty good list.

* here's the story behind a crowd-funder that showed up last week about the Rob Rogers comic Brewed On Grant.

* finally, I had a good time this weekend starting a list of "good" comic shops, by which I mean a full-service comic shop that includes alt/arts comics -- my site, my rules! I have about 80 so far, and I'm grateful to all of you that sent in a store. If you love stores as much as I do, make sure your business with them is up to date. Clean out those pull drawers now, kids.
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