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September 6, 2016

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Todd Klein on Dr. Fate #14. Kim Deitch on Folrath Part One. Richmond Clements on Solstice Chapter One: Winter. Bill Boichel on MOME Vol. 1, The Love Bunglers and Black Is The Color. Katie Skelly on Queen Emeraldas.

* there are some interesting short interviews with artists contributing to the latest effort from kuš!: Aesyn, GG, Ben Marcus, Hetamoé. Chris Mautner on The Greatest Of Marlys. Annie Mok on The Greatest Of Marlys.

* this Ken Parille article looks great, an this is a reminder from me to go read it!

* I still don't think the DC characters as currently constituted have the sort of heft and depth of relationship to make plotlines like these work. You'd think that readers would notice they're trying to goose those relationships with the memories of a previous status quo. Plots like that must be effective on some level, though, or they'd stop doing them.

* more Papa Hemingway in the comics.

* not comics: no one on planet earth after 2007 suggested an advertising model would take care of major publications, but I'm sure it makes people in a dying industry feel good to justify the massive stone around the neck of their businesses their paychecks have become by pointing at imaginary left-behinds.

* finally, I don't understand what this is format-wise or explanation-wise, but there's a lot of interesting material to be read.
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