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September 7, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round Up

* that nice D+Q person Julia Pohl-Miranda has a lengthy reminiscence up concerning this year's ELCAF. She apologized for not having it up, but I don't have my piece up yet from July's Comic-Con International.

image* Daniel Genis profiles Ed Piskor.

* not comics: I'm not exactly a costume guy, but I think the comics illustrations I've seen have backed up my initial hunch that Sylvester McCoy's doctor is the best visual.

* Guy Thomas on Grendel Vs. The Shadow #1. Robert Boyd on Heroes Of The Comics and Ed Vs. Yummy Fur. Rob Clough on Heroes Of The Comics. Todd Klein on Detective Comics #33. Don MacPherson on Superman #35, Death Of Wolverine #1 and Cloaks #1.

* "To fold up your enemy into a suitcase..."

* Johanna Draper Carlson notes the popularity of Lumberjanes-related achievement badges. The scouting experience is a powerful shared experience that I think should yield a lot of interest if tapped into correctly -- one of my early freelance assignments some 20 years ago was writing the book for a ersatz scouting organization and it was fun.

* finally, Bully is the best.
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