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September 10, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* I quite enjoyed this recent Tony Fitzpatrick words-and-picture blended work, about the great state of Indiana. It doesn't matter if something like this is or is not comics, but what we learn by reading comics can help us read, understand and appreciate a work like this one or a lot of what Fitzpatrick does.

* Rob Clough has selected a bunch of creators and publishers appearing at SPX to whom you might pay special attention.

* Erica Friedman on Sakura Trick Vol. 2. Kelly Thompson on Black Widow #10. Richard Bruton on Kill My Mother.

* not comics: I like this mini-appreciation of Jules Feiffer as a pivotal figure in American comedy.

* finally, this is what the Avengers looks like to me, and thus, for a person of my age, this is what superheroes looks like to me. The only odd thing about that is that it's work that was completed before I was born. I wonder after the reading experience of younger comics fans, if they mix old and new in the same way we once did. I'm guessing not.
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