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September 10, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* the great Gary Tyrrell on Are You Listening? I can hardly wait for the day we realize Walden has like ten books done. Like next year or something. Scott Cederlund on The Wicked + The Divine #45.

* apparently we just passed the 40th anniversary of For Better Or For Worse.

* Dean Mullaney and LOAC found the Wonder Woman strip they were looking for.

* Charles Pulliam walks through a number of new comics to be found on the stands out there.

* is it okay if I say out loud this looks awful? I have very little fait that the mystery will compelling and even less than that that the murder part won't be wildly overplayed. I hope I am wrong.

* Mark Evanier writes about still being tired from Comic-Con 2019. I think the big difference is that it's harder to get around. You not only only have the crowds inside the convention center and just outside, you're dodging people and working your way through crowds up to four blocks away. I'm tired 20 minutes into my day when I'm there.

* finally: it must be very disheartening to follow this president as an editorial cartoonist.
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