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September 16, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Michelle White on Sheets.

* Steve Foxe talks to Henry Barajas. Foxe also talks to the creative team behind one of those Neil Gaiman extended universe comics about a specific scene. I like directed interviews, but I have to admit to zero interest in this particular franchise. They're not for me, of course. HIllary Brown talks to Lisa Hanawalt.

* assembled extra: a quick review of the DC Universe offering/app/whatever.

* finally: Alec Berry looks at the details of defense aimed at helping those sued for defamation by Cody Pickrodt. I heard different things about that article on the floor of SPX, and look forward to examining it in full. I also look forward to revisiting the Journal's coverage of the Charles Brownstein mid-Ohio incident.
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