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September 12, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* happy belated 35th anniversary to the late Jeff MacNelly's Shoe, a comic my newspaperman father very much enjoyed.

image* Dustin Harbin on Barack Hussein Obama. Jason Thompson on Genju no Seiza. Johnny Ryan on every autobiographical comic ever. Shannon Smith on Maggots and Glamourpuss in 2008. Tucker Stone on a bunch of different stuff. Chris Marshall on Economix.

* one reason it's nice when Indie Con season hits is because it means Secret Acres updates their blog.

* I always enjoy looking at Steve Rude's version of Batman. There's a cartoon verve to it that places it right smack in the middle of the various effective character portraits featuring that guy, I think.

* not comics: Patricia Highsmith doodles.

* Michael Dooley talks to Eliza Frye. Ian Boothby and David Dedrick talk to Ty Templeton. Will Scott talks to Brandon Graham. Julinda Morrow talks to Jonathan Luna. Jim Rugg and Jasen Lex talk to Anne Koyama. Rob McMonigal profiles Katie Sekelsky and Matt Dembicki.

* wait, Steve Parkhouse did the comic-book adaptation of Time Bandits?

* I am always just about the last comics-focused blogger to learn about a new installment of Perry Bible Fellowship.

* for some reason that has nothing to do with anything other than when I move to a new computer and rebuild my links I always forget someone, I haven't been linking to the Deconstructing Comics podcast. This means I also haven't been listening to the Deconstructing Comics podcast. The ones I downloaded to take with me on a travel day are this one on Flex Mentallo and this one on Doonesbury.

* I've also taken a bunch of Comic Books Are Burning In Hell with me.

* I can't remember if I linked to this article on the politics of Batman or not. I probably didn't read it all the way through then, either. One thing I like about those films is that they're kind of a mess, so I can't imagine any cohesive political view emerges from them without some really wishful thinking by the person who wants to see them. I could be wrong, and usually am.

* not comics: Michael May writes about the small-business aspect of comics and the appeal of small businesses more generally.

* Alex Toth was apparently a sentinel of liberty.

* I am jealous of Martin Wisse's construction of an artist's illustration not being a character but a standard figure from that artist cosplaying that character. That's a funny way to get at a pretty brutal criticism, one that can be applied to a lot of comics-related art.

* finally, here's a nice blog post that's just been sort of sitting in my bookmarks about an anniversary visit to the D+Q bookstore.
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